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Nuit Blanche Toronto

October 5, 2019

Sunset to Sunrise

Installation described below will be seen as part of the One Path Collective Exhibit- 21st Century Craft at Spadina Museum.


Self Portrait - Pieces of Me

With a dress as my canvas, using traditional needlework, textile manipulation and crafting techniques, I have built a self portrait- a deconstruction of myself, piece by piece.

Needlework and fabric manipulation can reach beyond the solely practical/craft realm and tell stories, evoke emotions and thought. This is my homage to embroiderers and textile artists of yore.


Tracy Gorman Creates

Tracy is proud to present a selection of her work. As a Textile Artist from Toronto, she is known for her Dress Art Installations, although she experiments with other media as well.
Thematically, the pieces range from whimsy and magic to environmental issues. 
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Artist Profile

Tracy Gorman is a Toronto Textile Artist. Her canvas of choice is a dress- newly built and embellished & manipulated to address themes of self, environment and other societal issues.  
She has worked for years reproducing historic costumes for museums- a skill and knowledge set which heavily influences her installations.
Born in Saint John, she studied Clothing and Textiles at Mount St Vincent University. Her very talented mother taught her how to sew when she was very young. She has since refined her skills and vision through her work as a professional costumer and in fine arts studies & practice.
Tracy’s works have been seen previously in numerous Nuit Blanche Installations at Spadina Museum.
Take a look at her selected works, and get in touch for more information.


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Toronto, ON, Canada