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Nuit Blanche Toronto - 2018

As a member of the One Path Artist Collective

Nuit Blanche Toronto 2018: Quote

In Her Eyes

by Tracy Gorman

In Her Eyes is a study of the eyes of the women in Tracy’s life. Young & old, tired & inspired. Mothers, sisters and daughters. Friends, neighbours and personal icons.
The story and meaning in the eyes equalizes us all. We all have stories and stores of power within…
Each set of eyes is unique, moving and telling a different story. What began as an observational study soon morphed into a very personal and powerful collection for the artist.

Nuit Blanche Toronto 2018: Welcome
Nuit Blanche Toronto 2018: Selected Work

Visitors were invited to pick a picture of a set of eyes and write on it what they saw in the eyes. Then attach them to a blank hoop dress.
It was remarkable how accurate their words were, not knowing these women at all.

Interactive Companion Piece to In Her Eyes

Nuit Blanche Toronto 2018: Quote
NB2018_full set.jpg
Nuit Blanche Toronto 2018: Gallery
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